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A Palestinian man works at a Kefiyeh (traditional Arab scarf) factory in the West Bank city of Hebron on October 14, 2010. The Herbawi family factory once supplied much of the West Bank and Gaza with the scarves, or keffiyehs, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. The worker of this factory in the owner, his sons and other worker due to the financial problem that all Palestinians have . We all used to see  Palestinians wear the white and black keffiyeh as the former president Yaser Arafat  and many other famous people. In other countries they use the red and white keffiyeh as a mark to the country as what people do in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. However, most of the keffiyehs are now produced in China due to the price. because of the high price of the materials in Palestine, and 11 of 15 looms in Herbawi's workshop stand idle. Photo by Najeh Hashlamoun