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Samaritans mourn over the casket of  84-year old Haroun Abu Hassan, the high priest of the ancient Samaritan community, in Nablus, West Bank, 19 April 2013. Haroun Abu Hassan died earlier in the day and was buried at the Samaritans' holy site at Mount Gerizim, which overlooks the West Bank town of Nablus. The late priest is to be replaced by 78-year-old Abdala Wasef. The Samaritan religion is descended from the ancient Israelite tribes of Menashe and Efraim, and the community numbers less than 700 people at present, half of who live on Mount Grizim in the West Bank and the other half in Holon, next to Tel Aviv. Samaritans recite prayers in ancient Hebrew using a Torah scoll. Photo by Issam Rimawi